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arrows2.jpg (6463 bytes) Thakur as Revealed to Pranab
Chapter 5

Anyway, I was cleared off the dues for the period I had worked there. With all the money in my pocket I headed towards the Howrah Station in order to get back to my parents.

At last I came back to my house. I had seen so many changes within me during my stay at Calcutta. All along during all those sinister campaigns against me by my other colleagues of that confectioner’s shop, they had the least fellow feelings. Everywhere I found myself beneath the general standard.

And similarly, our house at Orissa had all the worst form. The appreciable changes that I could notice was, that, my parents had advanced towards a more age-worn state and secondly, my youngest brother who used to be reared up by my maternal uncle, died in the meantime. The overall grim phases made me shocked and dejected.

My father had forgotten about that raucous treatment he had extended to me. Instead with a very cool temperament he entertained me within his core. My mother had no words to express her mind. Simply she dragged me within her breast and moved her fingers into the coarse hairs of my head.

What a solace! All those years I had been away, there was no tinge of affection extended to me. I wept and wept. All my accumulated pangs in the form of tears rolled down by my cheeks.

In time I handed over the treasures I had brought with me. My father had no uneasiness in his mind any more. Only he told me that our deity’s room would require renovation. The Lord has given us the scope to utilise that big sum for that purpose.

So, the sum of Rs. 250/- was acceptable from that point of view. He could not use that amount for anything concerning our domestic cause. But, the other amount which I earned through my toil could only be utilised for our household affair.

Time passed by me again on the lap of my parents. In course of time I forgot all those ruthless insinuations which I had faced while I was in sojourn.

But, I was destined to have an otherwise life. I was not allowed to while away my days within the four walls of the house.

Soon the Mother peeped over me in my dreams.

The eldest son of a house leads a quiet life in the home front. Alas! I was not spared to enjoy that type of foothold by virtue of my being the eldest in my father’s line. While I was residing in my house, I used to practise all the Yogic feats which I was given to understand by the Great Gracious

Mother in my dreams. At last, once again, I left my home without giving my prior notice to any in my house.

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