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    About the
The Prahlad Foundation was created in 1995 as a non-profit organization to gather, preserve, digitize and make available materials pertaining to the life and teachings of Sri Prahlad Chandra Brahmachari, an Indian holy man who lived in village of Ramanathpur, West Bengal, northeast of Calcutta.

In the original charter it is stated:

"The primary purpose of the Prahlad Foundation is in perpetuity to collect, preserve, and disseminate materials relating to the life story and religious teachings of a Hindu holy man of West Bengal, India, Sri Swami Prahlad Chandra Brahmachari, who passed on June 9, 1982 in Ramanathpur, West Bengal, India, and to provide an archival center for anyone interested in obtaining or studying these materials so that they are made available to the world and do not deteriorate with time."

By the spring of 1997 over 900 images had been digitized and a number of talks translated from the original Bengali language and it was decided, in accordance with the above charter, to make this material available on these World Wide Web pages. The foundation will be continually updating and adding material here.

In his life Baba was a very simple and unpretentious man. His door was always open to anyone. He never proselytized or sought disciples, but his door was always open to anyone and he wanted his teachings to be available to all. The Prahlad Foundation was created to make this wish of his come true.

For any further information please contact us.