Premananda writes:

It was evening time in the small village of Ramanathpur. Baba called the four Americans who had come to see him to come and sit with him at the bathing ghat at the local pond. He told me to bring the little tape recorder which Premamayi had given him.

A beautiful Bengali breeze was blowing as he told us these little stories about the meaning of the word "guru." He spoke from beginning to end without pause as he always did when inspired.

Truly Baba had never set foot in a school as a pupil and only learned to read Oriya and Bengali late in life, laboriously, from devotees.

We did not know much Bengali in those days, and often longed for someone to translate fully what Baba was saying.

In fact these words, which seemed to flow as easily as the cooling Indian breeze which was blowing, became the first words of Baba ever translated into English direct from an actual tape. In 1975 a small tape recorder was still a rare and marvelous thing in that remote little village, which did not even have electricity.

It was not until over a year later that I would realize, as I was desparately translating it, at last with Pradeep, that he had begun this talk with the words: "Today I shall speak a little bit about the meaning of this word 'Guru' and they will tranlate this into English."