41. On your true state has arisen this subtle principle 'I am', which is the cause of all mischief. No 'I am', no question of mischief.

This subtle principle 'I am', which is subtler than the mind, has appeared on your True state. After it appeared it remained in a pure state for some time and then began the piling up of words, language and concepts. The 'I am' was now verbal and identified itself with body, you became 'so-and-so' living in this world as a person. Your mind developed and became a workshop of mischief, but the root cause was the 'I am'. Now you have come back to that 'I am', the primary mischief-monger, you meditate on it and realize its falseness and it disappears. You have now transcended the 'I am' so where is the question of any mischief?