You Are The Sun

You are the sun which shines through my inmost being.
You are the love above the three worlds.
You are the only one star guiding me onward,
You are my own soul's voice, and the voice of God.

You are my beloved, my sweet heart, my Hari!
You are the light in an infant's smile!
You are the Father, Almighty, the infinite splendor everywhere,
You are the beauty and the heart-sound in the angels' songs.

You are the perfect one, Paramahansa,
for whom my breaking heart yearns,
You are the love that I sing!
Oh glorious embodiment of God,
Oh sing the pure love of Your all!

Oh wondrous wanderer of limitless skies,
Oh sounder of the deeps, The depths of love's song!
You are the tenderness with which my own heart aches for you,

My dearest, my golden one! Symphonies around thee, Symphonies great and small.  Wide ringing rhythms of Thine own.

Like the sea breaking shore, like the soaring wing of doves.
Like the daybreak's dawning. You are the treasured heart of gladness, the shining king of the highest kingdom, life's inmost innate being you have entered everything! You are the essence of everything's dance.

You are the bursting forth of being's happiness.
Your body of bliss surrounds me. I am its own.
And your shining light of oneness shall have victory over me,
And shall have me gladly as the ocean ever takes back
Which water's waves are its own.

Then shall no song sing save thy name, then shall I no more be at all burned away like the haze of a summer's dawn.

Then shall thy whole Soul's blinding sun shine supreme!
Then shall thy golden fingers of deepest heart's light
reach throughout embracing all things!

Shining steady ocean of awareness of oneness. Deep and sweet beloved core of all. Sing, oh my heart Sing in your hour of aloneness While all stars surround you, Sing the dear beauty of God-love until your new day dawns.

Spring, 1974