To the Divine Mother

Do I hear the muse again, singing its solitary wonder
in the sky shot streaking rainbows of dawn?

Do I hear the ancient flower of our longing
bursting forth with blossoming splendor once again?

Do I hear the ever aching heart of time
drowning with a breaking like thunder
in the long-ago intoned drone of God's name?

Yes! She bears forth her ever witnessing wisdom like a fountain,
a shadow of ever awakening wonder,
her daydream, like a spell cast over us all.

Majestic! Like a magic rainbow
the world shimmers in its chiseled patterns
in the sweetly singing beauty of her solitary dawn.

Bright winged moments her love brings!
It is her ancient longing stirs the world awake!
It is her ancient promise calls the world along,
sacred in the singing of her destiny's song.

Muted, steeped, quite still and silent,
is the holy gift of peace she brings.

Wide and wondrous havens of delight she sings!
Quiet like the night she bears the heartbreak of all things.
Treasured, like a diamond, she lights the day alive.