In The Shadows

In the shadows of streets where I played out my youth,
In the darkness of childhood, which darkness is rich,
I saw a strange man, an aged fellow
With a flute to his lips, who beckoned me follow:
"Come see a new day."

And he played his flute with a wink in his eye,
He bowed his head and walked on by.
I turned in my time, and walked and ran
And I left him behind where my life began.

And in all the places I since have been
I never did see the old fellow again.
I never saw him, except in the street
When the red sun rose along the brown bricks.

I never saw him again, except
When the fishermen cast out their morning nets,
Except in the fields where high grasses grew
And one bird heard me singing of things that I knew.

Now playing this flute, a sad wink in my eye,
I scatter my dreams and walk on by:
"Come see a new day."