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After Puja talk and Talk with Bhagavat
July 27-28, 1976

Continuation of talk after the puja. Something about the Kali image. Also about how in India he gives blood during puja.

Orville’s wife asks about the meaning of the tilak (mark on forehead). Baba explains that it is the sign of the ajna chakra. He says it is a "Bioscope" (it is a "cinema").

Athena asks about prasad, should we offer the prasad to the goddess? Baba says that whatever has been prepared should be put in front of Kali. Athena says it is already there and Baba goes in to offer it.

[Incidental discussion. Baba’s bell ringing in background.]

Baba talks all about all the flowers that Orville and wife have brought from his garden. "There is a meaning in it."

Baba is asking Roberta about what relationship she wants to have with guru. "Do you want to be my mother, or will you be my daughter?" (Do you think of me as your child or as your father).

She says "daughter."

Baba: "To be the father is much more difficult than being the son. Then I have to feed you, etc."

Baba recites Twameva. Tells Noti and Binodini to go now since they have to work in the morning.

(This is the end of taping for July 27,1976).

July 28, 1976

Baba is talking with Bhagavat in Hindi. He is telling him about Mrs. Hart. Tells Bhagavat that her husband was a "big officer." Srinivas, Ballygange mentioned. Goes through the ten disciples names.

Bhagavat asks a VERY LONG QUESTION.

Baba answers his question, while Bhagavat says, "Yes, yes" every few words.

Baba gets very animated, with great bhav. He is weeping while he talks at certain points.

Finally Baba is weeping a lot. Then he continues to answer.

END Side One, [76TC7-A]

Side two, [76TC7-B]

(Continues from side one)

Bhagavat is talking. Then Baba gives a long explanation again.

(Hindi not deciphered, topic unknown. More Hindi talk with Bhagavat)

Midway through this side Baba starts singing, bhav comes again.

Bhagavat says something, Baba laughs. They talk about Prem.

Baba talks about his disciples. He says Premamayi and Bhavananda are "right".

END tape, [76TC7]

Talk with Bhagavat (continues)
July 28, 1976

Starts in silence. Then Bhagavat translates what Baba was saying. Bhagavat refers to Baba as "Bhagavan."

Baba tells Premananda "You must be ‘concrete’." (Steady and strong). He tells Bhagavat something about Premananda.

[hindi talk - content unknown]

Baba is telling Bhagavat about how his guru told him he would have a lot of work to do. He starts weeping again at the thought of his guru. Baba tells many stories about his life. Something also about Satchidananda Swami. [Weeping, bhav].

Bhagavat makes another speech. He tells Premananda that he wants a copy of the tape to translate. Bhagavat says "He told me stories he has never told to anyone".

END Side one, [76TC8-A]

Side two, [76TC8-B]

Starts with Bhagavat talking. Philip talks about why he goes to Ramana Maharshi Ashram. (Bhagavat translates his comment). Baba talks about his own ashram.

[Unknown talk in Hindi]

Sanat comes in with a story. Baba replies. Something about when he met Trilanga Swami.

Bhagavat translates a question for Philip. The question is: How does a "mahatma" know if a disciple has improved?

Baba says that the guru can see it in the eyes of the disciple. It is the duty of a sadhu is to remove the poison of the disciple.

Baba tells the story of the sadhu and the scorpion. There was a sadhu who kept helping a scorpion, even though the scorpion stung him many times. When the sadhu was asked why he did this he said, "It is simply that the scorpion’s nature is to sting, and the sadhus’s nature is to help others."

[more talk]

Bhagavat translates. Says that Baba said you can go to any place (i.e. ashram) that you want, wherever you find peace, go there.

END tape [76TC8-B]

Talk with Bhagavat (continued)
July 28, 1976

Baba is talking in Hindi with Bhagavat.

He says something about the mantra "Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya". (Baba has given the name "Vasudev" to Bhagavat).

[some bengali]

Bhagavat tells Philip again what a blessing he has got. Says something to Premananda. "You guys won’t be able to do anything. Just ONE thought must remain all the time - ONE. Get rid of ‘I am this’, ‘I am that’. If your mind is pure then when you die..."

Baba says he will die in a short while.

[back to hindi]

Talks to Bhagavat again. More teachings.


Athena comes home. Discussion. Baba refers to some incident, something he ate on Jesus Christ Puja. That same thing Bhagavat fed to him today. [various people talking at once]

Bhagavat talks again. He says the devotee should have the attitude, "I will find Him or I will die." He tells about the vow he had made to visit a mahatma at 4 in the morning and it came true by coming to see Baba.

Baba says to Sanat that Premananda is "pagol" ("crazy"). "His mind is not right. He has three poisons." One is going from place to place. The second is wanting to be with women. The third is [..?]. He says that Premananda’s mind went down because he was talking to Bhagavat in Hindi (which he doesn’t understand). "This has been a test." He refers to the time in India at the ashram when Premananda and Nityananda were feeding the boy with tuberculosis, Shankar. "I told them that the boy would not survive. Prememananda said, ‘You don’t love him.’ This was a drama that happened in Ramanathpur."

Sanat talks to Bhagavat in English. "How is it possible I could come here overseas?" Bhagavat says: "There is a saying that with the guru’s grace anything is possible."

Sanat: "He has so many disciple more educated than me, but he picked me." Conversation continues about how Sanat happened to come with Baba to America.

Baba comes into the conversation. Tells about getting tickets, etc. Baba talks to Bhagavat again. More about his life, how he came to be at Jagishwar’s place in Ramanathpur.

END Side One [76TC9-A]

Side Two [76TC9-B]

Baba continues talking with Bhagavat in Hindi about the events in his life.

Philip tells about how Baba didn’t have a beard when he first met him.

Baba is talking about his heart medicine, Calmpose, about the doctor there, and how he told them in India he was going to see a big doctor in America. Only then the people said it was okay for him to go.

[more talk with Bhagavat]

[Sanat comes and says the food is ready].

Baba talks to Premananda - about money, anger.

Premananda says "I don’t have much money."

Baba replies "Steal it."

Something about Moses. Going to the hospital.

Baba tells Premananda "Shut off the tape recorder."


It is evening time, July 28, 1976. Madhu is present so the talk is in Hindi. Baba is talking about his fateful trip as a teenager to Waltair in Simachal. "Without ticket I went...I had a dream that my mother and father died. The Mahatmaji said, "You will have a great work to do.." etc.

1 - 5 - 0 - 0. again. He explains. Talks about surrender to guru.

[Sanat translates]

Baba talks some more.about when he went to Calcutta for the first time. "I didn’t know anything except God. So many sadhus have come to America since Vivekananda came. They all had great learning, but a monkey like me never came to America before.

END tape, [76TC9-B]

Evening Talk (continued from TC9)
July 28, 1976

Baba talks with devottees. He asks if there are any questions. Uttam asks "How do prevent ourselves from giving our poison to the guru?"


Baba: "The whole world is poison. We must give that poison to God. This is the way it is when the Great One ('Mahapurush') is coming, like in the time of Jesus.

[Sanat translates this as "God will appear in a short time."]

Uttam rephrases his question to emphasize that he does NOT want to give his poisons to the guru.

Baba: "But you must give it! It is like when the doctor does an operation, he must give you an injection. You don’t even have to give your poison to the guru. He will take it from you forcefully!"

Baba gives the example of Girish Ghosh who gave all the errors of his ways to Ramakrishna.

Baba: "The sun lights up the whole world, both the temple and the bathroom. The good and the bad alike. Sun and moon. Guru God. The "guru" is not the body of the guru. The body will die. Is Jesus Christ dead? He is not dead! Make the mind right.

Baba: "The guru is completely inexpressible. The guru is like the ocean. The disciple is like the river. I want God."

"Giving money (to the guru) is maya. Just as the sun’s job is giving light, so it is the guru’s job to give light. God has no need for money! He doesn’t want money! You might have a need for it but God has no need."

Baba thanks Uttam profusely for his question.

Someone brings in kiwi fruit from New Zealand. Baba thanks Uttam again.

END Side One, [76TC10-A]

July 28, 1976

Madhu is translating the message about the guru and money. People are eating kiwi fruit. Yogananda asks a question: "I am a musician and I’m thinking of making a record and if I make a record I would be in public life and maya."

Baba: "I tell about God. That’s all. Whatever else you do I don’t care. Ask a question about God, don’t ask this kind of question."

Yogananda: Okay.

Baba: "Okay. Very much."

Yogananda: "Ask him whether there is any difference between doing meditation in India or in the United States."

Baba: "You crazy idiot! When you say to the guru, ‘I want to drink brandy. Should I drink it or not?’ what am I supposed to say? What you do or don’t do I will not "see," (pay attention, care about). Do what you will do. But my giving permission, guru, by word - Nothing pie single mind one! You are doing. I am not saying. My saying and your doing are miles apart. I will say, "Don’t do anything at all except God," and what will you do? (laughs) Nothing pie single mind one! Nothing! You won’t be able to do it. First become ripe."

[Madhu translates Yogananda’s second question about meditation]

Baba: "Pagol! (Crazy!) He says meditation is meditation. Thinking in this way (i.e. "I am having good meditation". "My meditation is very great") brings vanity and pride. "I am great yogi," etc.

Baba (to Premananda): "Hey Premananda, that saying you made up, ‘Ami hote chai na, tumi hao Bhagavan,’ explain it to him." [Baba mocks the question again]

Baba: "When Girish Ghosh said to Ramakrishna, ‘I will not be able to do such a lot of meditation, and worship and so on’ then Ramakrishna said to him, ‘Then just give me power of attorney.’ That was unwavering faith in the guru. So I say to Yogananda, remain in Yoga. That is enough."

"It is a ‘maya’ question. He doesn’t consider me his guru. He wants a bigger guru!"

[Premananda translates]

Baba: "Now he is anxious. Mind no right."

Guru stotras. Hindi talk with Madhu.

Baba: "The grace of guru is all that is needed. He (Yogananda) has done some hatha yoga. There is some vanity, conceit. And I am saying, let him do what he is doing. But do you honor that Great God? If you have complete faith in the guru, complete faith even for one second, then that is all you need."

"What are you meditating on? If you do meditation for a long time on the guru, and finally become absorbed, then what you see, you will not be able to say. And if you say ‘I am meditating....’ (pause) then you are not meditating on the guru."

END Side one [76TC11-A]

Baba Talks to devotees.
(Mostly translated) August 3, 1976

[Bengali. This is translated up to the point where Athena tells Pradeep to move his car or he will get a ticket, 1 2 way of side two.]

(Chanting is going on and Baba is talking at the same time. He talks about Sri Ramakrishna. He is telling the story of the crazed elephant and the mahut and why didn’t the guy listen to the Mahut if he really believed God was truly in everything)

[chanting ends]

Baba talks about what is real peace. He goes through various questions which the disciple asks the guru. What is the atma? Guru gives replies. This "I" is nothing but the atma never dies.

What is "gyan" (knowledge)? You cannot measure God.

END tape [76TC12]

(continues TC12)
August 3, 1976

The "disciple" is asking questions.

Baba: "Then the disciple asks, ‘What is sound?’ The guru says to the disciple, ‘This sound is Brahman’ (Baba claps his hands.) It has no form, no ‘body.’"

"If prem (love) comes, then there is no need for yoga, meditation. But how to get prem? It is no small thing."

Baba tells more about prem. With prem, a person becomes like a madman.

(Baba wants his hookah) "Hey, my "husband" won’t give me the hookah today!"

Talks about "Fankinanda." Shows the thing with the matches about God Sadhak.

Baba says to stop the tape.

CUT to August 4, 1976. Baba is talking to Bhagavat in Hindi.

(Unknown topics. Something about manipur chakra. Raja guna, Kali yuga and other yugas.)

Baba: "Om-kay." (We taught Baba the English word "okay" and he immediately made it into "om-kay."

Baba (to Premananda): "Husband, will you give me tamak?"

More conversation. Includes analogy of pilot and plane. Baba asks Elsie, whom he is calling Parabrahmamayi, if she has a question. (inaudible, she asks something about meditation).

[Silence. Baba demonstrates his answer]

Baba: "Up to the point of the ajna chakra, up to the point of being absorbed in samadhi, methods are needed. But no one can tell about what is beyond."

[Sanat translates]

Baba starts playing his telephone game. He mimics calling up a disciple on his "God telephone." Everyone laughs.

Baba (to Elsie): "You have never seen a stupid sadhu like me! I know only one God. Mother, father, One."

Baba tells something from the Upanishads. He says Elsie has gone through all the scriptures. Elsie says she has forgotten most of it.

Baba: "If the mind is at bindu, then ‘nothing word.’ (It is beyond speech). No Vedas, nothing Puranas, nothing Bible, nothing. There is no need. If the mind is ‘right’ then there is no more need for scriptures."

Baba asks someone present what name he had given her. (Her name is Rosemary). She says no name given. Baba smokes his hookah and thinks a bit, then gives her the name "Uma". It is written into his diary book.

Baba: "Nothing pie single mind One two ess!"

(Elsie’s name is written in diary as well).

Bhagavat reappears. Baba talks with Bhagavat and smokes his hookah.

END Side Two, [76TC13-B]

Start Side One, [76TC14-B]

It is bedtime, August 4th, and visitors have left. Baba and Premananda are talking in Baba’s room.

Baba: "Today not so many people have come to Rani Rasmani’s house. It is God’s grace since I am not well."

[incidental talk]

Baba talks about the fake and the real. The fake may become real, but the real can never become fake. He tells about how when Ramakrishna was alive, how many beating he took, how much disrespect. But only after his death, then everyone is making a big deal. Talks about how all the big gurus are coming, giving lectures.

Premananda says, "Why does God always come in such secrecy?"

Baba: "He is in secret." (or "He is hiding")

Premananda asks why doesn’t God just come once openly and wake up the whole world.

Baba: "Jesus Christ, how much trouble he was in. He always went to the houses of poor people. Those who had a lot of money, did Jesus go to their houses? No, he went to the houses of the poor."

Premananda: "So God is weeping for the poor."

Baba: Yes.


Baba: "From one fire, if one light is lit, lakhs of lights will be lit. Chaitanya had one disciple. Ramakrishna sent one disciple."

(Conversation about the sadhus, avatars).

Premananda: "I am sad."

Baba: "Why?"

Premananda: "Because I know there are many people in this country that are searching to see a genuine guru, and the genuine guru stays in hiding."

(Premananda was upset because relatively few people could see Baba at Athena’s house. He wanted Baba to burst upon America in his full glory).

Baba: "But what can I do? Can all those people become Swami Vivekananda? Can they all get it? I have lit one light. Just wait. It will shine. In some time you will see. It will shine."

Baba washes his mouth.

Baba talks about a woman that had come that day, the one he had called "Anandamayi." "She told me that she will build me an ashram. Oh! Nothing pie Single mind One!"

END Tape, [76TC14]

Baba and Devotees, Short bit..
August 5, 1976

Baba is talking, answering questions. Is war coming, etc. Baba says yes, nuclear war (paramanu bomb) is coming. Says that his disciples will go to India.

He says before the satya yuga (age of truth), such things must come to pass. The Kalki Avatar will come.

Baba talks about Elsie. He says she has been to many yogis and read so many shashstras. He asks Elsie if God is one. Can you get God with money? Why give money to these sadhus?


Baba: "I see everyone as God." He says he will not keep up his practice of mauna (silence) once a week while he is in America.

Baba imitates a person speaking English. Everyone cracks up with laughter.

Something about Ramakrishna at Dakshineswar.

Athena comes in. Philip comes in.

[talking and joking]

END Side One, [76TC15]

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