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Baba at Athena’s House
July 24, 1976

Baba: "Blessed, blessed Brahmamayi!"

Baba is talking about the "Gauras" at Mayapur. (ISKON) "This is all money. They are just gathering a crowd."

Bill asks how long he has known Brahmamayi. Baba tells about how he first met her, including how "wealthy" she was then [by Indian standards of course].

Nellie says "We’ve played this game...he’s teased me for twenty years!"

Baba says Ramanathpur is not a "right" place [his ashram]. He says it still belongs to Jagishwar Pal..

Roberta asks if they have fixed the ashram. Baba tells what has been built. Talks about the ashram.

[back to hindi, Madhu translates]

Baba says Brahmamayi gave 8000 rupees, but the building cost 16000 rupees. Tells about the new paikane (latrine). Details about construction. Baba says "I don’t want anything more." Talks about the room and what Mike and Bill did in India. (Flower design on floor. Dome temple model).

Baba asks if Brahmamayi is staying. She replies yes.

Baba: "Today is a very happy day. I am feeling intoxicated."

There is more talk about Ma Theresa. Baba remembers going there. Nellie tells about how Baba wept when he returned from visiting Mother Theresa’s. Baba tells more stories about Bramamayi, Bhavananda.

[Baba gets up to perform his noontime hom fire ceremony]

Baba starts reciting his little poem about "Janame ki hoy?" etc. "What is there in birth? What is there in caste? He who has a big heart, he is a great man."

Later: Baba is talking in Hindi about how so many American people have embraced the "Hindu Sanatan Dharma (Eternal Hindu religion). He talks with Madhu about Kundalini, about waking up the kundalini shakti. Talks about the "saibs" who have come to India, Yogananda, Nityananda. One must keep the mind still. "One five zero zero."

Tells Bill to go help Athena. Explains 1-5-0-0.

Madhu asks a question about guru kripa (guru’s grace). Some question about pranayam. Baba answers him in Hindi, goes into discussion on pranayam. Madhu starts singing a song.


Baba is singing sanscrit, guru stotras. Baba (to Bill): "Go get your ‘friend’" (guitar). [Chanting ensues]


Baba is saying "OM HARI." Showing how to chant Om Hari.

Baba says something about two girls that had been there. Talks with Madhu about the Ramana Maharshi Ashram [which was in New York City at the time]. "How big is it?"

Baba’s bhav flows. He tells Madhu to ask Brahmamayi a question. Baba starts talking about "bhav samadhi" and "maha samadhi". Talking more about Brahmamayi.

[more hindi talk with Madhu]

Sanat tells Baba it is time for evening arati. Baba laughs. He is talking about samadhi. And he is in samadhi! It is taking time for his body to wake up, to get up. He laughs at the body.

Baba gives a giant belch. Says "Baba!"

Talks about bidis. Says meditation means "peaceful".

(He looks out at the moon) Says something about the moon. More talk about samadhi. Chants some sanscrit verses. Talks about faith.

END side one, [76TC4-A].

Side Two, [76TC4-B]

Baba is talking about Brahmamayi. Tells how Brahmamayi sent Premamayi to him. Talks about how on Christmas day in Calcutta when Brahmamayi was there he used to visit her house. Mr. Srinivasan was there, Mr. Bhosh. Various stories about Brahmamayi.

Baba tells the story of Premamayi traveling to Bhubaneshwar to see Guru. It was a raging storm and many difficulties to get there. She had to wade across a raging river. But her faith was huge, she only though "I must be with Guru."

Says something about Molina in Kuldanga. Later Gyanananda comes in. Baba tells Gyanananda that he is born today, seeing Brahmamayi.

Baba says he did not get a letter from Brahmamayi, but that he knew everything would work out okay. Something about Srinivas. Talks in hindi with Madhu.

"Medicine." Asks for half tablet of his heart medicine.

Nellie asks Baba if the plane trip bothered him. No, he says. Tells that he met Sanat (who accompanied him) only a few months ago.

Food discussion, about what Baba will eat. Baba mentions the time that Brahmamayi made tea for him on Christmas day. Shows how Brahmamayi used to sit. He asks her about Yogamayi.

Nellie says "She is with Sai Baba."

Baba: Everything will be spoiled. Talks more about Yogamayi, how he sent her to Kanya Kumari. "By reading about vedanta nothing will happen. You have to make your mind ‘right’."

More about Sai Baba, his hair style. Someone asks Baba "Did you see him?"

Baba says "Yes, I saw him. Sai Baba is like a king! You won’t get God from Sai Baba. I don’t honor Sai Baba. That is all the work of Manipur Chakra" (power center in the belly).

More teasing of Brahmamayi, how she had 4 bathrooms, servants, 2 cars. She had so much money, but she was willing to give it all. (Why?) "She has no greed for money. Sai Baba has greed for money. If you go to see Sai Baba you have to give money."

The teasing turns to Premananda. Baba offers to give Premananda some money so he can go see Sai Baba.

END of Tape [76TC4-B]

Baba at Athena’s House
July 24, 1976

Baba is talking about faith, divine love. He uses the analogy of an airplane. Prem = plane. There is a necessity of faith first. In a plane you cannot see the "path", but the path is there. The "path" = faith. Baba says that Brahmamayi and Premamayi do not show outwardly their achievements or experiences. Baba asks Tom if he has understood. Shows about the ajna chakra.

[Various actions. Pause. Silence.]

Baba: "Why do bhajans? For cleansing the mind. If you can love God, love guru, the way a man would love his wife, then you will get God. Ramakrishna said to Girish, "Girish! I will be you wife!"

More talk about Brahmamayi. Baba tells everyone to try to get understanding from her. "She went to so many sadhus. Just ask her how many books she has read..."

Nellie: "I won’t tell!"

Baba: "He who has really gotten something, he won’t tell what he has gotten. He who has nothing will say ‘Look what I have!’"

Baba starts talking about Ramakrishna and Noti Binodini (two dancing girls who came to Ramakrishna). "They were very beautiful and they loved Girish Ghosh. Girish told them to go and give pranams (bow down) to Ramakrishna because he was so great.

They said, "But we are sinners." Ramakrishna gave them the mantra, "Hari guru, hari guru, guru Hari" in their ears. Baba sings the mantra.

He says it is late, 10, not 9. Silence. Baba is silently showing the chakras, meditation. Baba getting up.

Says to Athena, about the two girls he has named Noti and Binodini.

"They will give me 100,000 rupees"

(It is one of his favorite Bengali puns. "Lokka" means hundred thousand and "lokya" means "steady aim." They will keep their "aim" on me greatly).

New Moon Worship in Brooklyn
July 28, 1976

It is the first time Baba will do the Kali Puja in America. Baba is talking prior to the Mother’s worship. "There is no way without God. One person is Christian, someone else is Mussalman, etc., but it is all one God."

Baba starts the worship. He prays to the mother saying, "Mother, give peace to America".

Getting somewhat intoxicated and happy he laughs and says "Mother loves red flowers!"

He sings and goes into bhav. He is singing, "Oh Mother, make me mad!" Suddenly he exclaims like a child, "Oh Mother! You have come!" etc.

He sings sweetly and is talking to the Mother.

"Ma, how you play! Good! I will play too!"

[More songs, mantras of worship]

Again Baba exclaims, "Ma has come! Ma has come!"

Silence. Baba weeps with feeling.


Baba (talking to divine Mother) "Oh! So you have come to America? There is really good fruit here! So, you have come to America to eat fruit? What a lot of fun! Won’t you eat? Yes! Sit down. Will you wear some sandalwood paste? Good."

[Silence] (Adorns the Goddess)

Baba (to divine Mother again) "Ma, these flowers were brought here by a lot of trouble. You like the red ones."

[more mantras, worship]

"Nothing by single by one."

[More mantras. The puja continues. Baba lights the fire.]

Baba: "Today is the [Bengali month] Amaboshya. What fun!" He asks when did Premamayi bring this image of Kali to America. "How beautiful, Kali puja in America, what fun, what fun!"

[puja goes on]

He jokes with Sanat saying "This ghee no right"

[puja goes on]

Madhu sings a song while Baba continues puja. More mantras.

Baba pours the ghee into the fire.

"Nothing by single by one!"

There is talk after the worship. Baba tells everyone about the flowers brought by Orville, whom he calls "Mathur Babu" and about the very high price of flowers in America. Madhu tells Baba that the flowers that were brought were home-grown.

More talk in hindi. "Double MA.." "Guru, God—One."

Everyone sings "Twameva". Puja is finished.

Baba says he is having pain in the chest. Everyone goes into the living room. He talks about food and says that the tea he got in the airplane was "no right, poison. That kind of sugar on the plane is not good."

END of Tape, [76TC6-B]

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