left Baba's Little Book Speech
Original copy of the booklet printed in 1976

Baba made this little speech on September 3, 1976 when the first copies of a small booklet of What is the Guru? were brought to Premamayi's house. It was the first time his words had ever been printed verbatim and the first time they had ever been translated into English. Baba begame very ecstatic and full of bhav.

He laboriously, and graciously insisted on signing a number of them, about a dozen, before it became too much.

Baba speaks:

Everything is God's wish. Today from 2000 miles Ramprasad has come. All right. Welcome. Om welcome. Guru is Brahma, Guru God, God Guru. Today in America, Gandharva land, the American disciples Premamayi, Brahmamayi, and so on, have all shown the greatness of Guru. I am very happy with that and my tears of joy flow down. Sitting at the feet of Anandamayi in India, at Ananda Ashram, what words came out of my mouth, I don't know, because I am nothing, I am nothing. Due to her blessing whatever little came from my mouth, that crazy Premananda, Yogananda, Gyanananda, Nityananda, they all brought it back here to America.

So it has come out. I am very happy because Guru is one, Guru is one, not two. The meaning of the word Guru encompasses everybody. There is only one Guru... So Guru is one. Whosoever believes his Guru completely, thinks of him as God, he WILL, WILL get moksha.

Today.. Om shanti, I don't remember the date...

[Someone says September 3rd]

On this 3rd September, Guru's greatness gave me a small booklet. Today, after taking that book in my hand, my mind became very happy. I don't know who said it, whatever I said before that word 'I', that I am stupid, simple, I have never seen a school, but when words escape my mouth, they just do. In this America... they said it was a great country. I had heard, now I have seen with my own eyes, that it is a Gandharva land. Disciples are coming in great numbers, all are devoted, all are loving, everyone's heart is great. I'm thankful, thankful.

This is his blessing, God's blessing, we, you say in false pretenses that one who is Ramakrishna, Chaitanya, Shankaracharya, Ramana Maharshi, Jesus Christ, [etc.] Tulsi das, Ramprasad, Trailangya Swami, Gandharbanath Sanyasi [etc.] many many sadhus, I can't remember them all. If I do a lot of thinking I find that the final place is only one.

Someone is Shakya sect, others Shaivya sect, another is Ganapatya, someone is also Shiva's devotee, another is Vishnu's devotee. But "One Guru-God Very Much!". That is it!

I have learned a little bit of English: "one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten." That much, no more than that.

It is impossible for such a stupid sadhu as me to come to America. But 20 years ago I found Ma, Mrs. Hart, Brahmamayi. After getting her I said, "Ma, Brahmamayi does not suffice. Premamayi is needed. So God came bringing Premamayi at my poor hut. After Premamayi came Gyanamayi. She discerned about knowledge. After Gyananmayi came Karmamayi. She was good at work. You also get God by working. Then came Yogamayi. This is five, right. But see the Guru. If you ask God, then he gives. If you don't ask, still he gives. He brings it to your home carrying it on his head. Isn't that what happens?

A stupid sanyasi like me, I know the word "jal" [water]. Even if I start shouting "jal, jal", still the neighbors around here, they won't understand what Baba wants. Really, if you don't know the language... but nothing is impossible.

Anyway, today I am very happy that these boys, disciples [have done this] and I pray to Mahamaya, Mother of God, Shankar Shiva, that their interest increases day by day, that their hearts become more great, and that they never look at Guru as a mere human, or think of Guru as human, or look at Ganges water as just plain water, or think of tulsi leaf as just any old leaf. Guru is God. It can't be described in words. All the Vedas, Puranas, Bible, shastras say this. Our greatly revered Jesus Christ said 3 things: Those who have mouths, let them take my name, those who have eyes, let them see only my form, those who have ears let them hear my words.

Don't quarrel over different forms. One. Today on this pure day, Tyagaraj is also sitting here. Today the new disciple, after receiving one letter, has come from 2000 miles, Premananda's childhood friend. Ba! this is a friend’s work. He has come running to see Premananda's Guru, so I gave him the name Ramprasad, mad Ramprasad. Yes, Ramprasad sang songs and found God or Mother. Om Shanti.

Today, what year is it? September 3rd, they are showing Guru's greatness. I accept that with love and give it back into their hands. Whatever they do, they have my permission. I have signed books in Oriya language. Before going I had to sign books. I will sign 2 more, one for Premananda, one for Brahmamayi. I hope the disciples will not feel bad about this, because I am stupid, my hands tremble while signing Oriya language. [Baba shows how to write his name]. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. Ten letters.

I can't sign in Bengali, Hindi, Madrasi, Telegu. Somehow I can sign in Oriya, but not in a straight line. Om Shanti. For the good of all people, these American people give peace to all. Oh God, Brahman, Oh God, give peace in all the hearts, give happiness in everybody's life, make everybody mad with love, you can do anything, there is nothing that you cannot do, but I pray to you, make everyone's heart pure. Do it. Om shanti.

Last night I thought about Tyagaraj. He must have had a dream. Last night I thought about Tyagaraj. They said that they don't know where his house is. That boy could have gone to Tyagaraj's and stayed there, but they said they didn't know his house. Yesterday I thought a lot about Tyagaraj. Yesterday when I was sitting here and he was sleeping at home, I called him then. Telegraph. He doesn't know. Now he knows. I called him yesterday so he came early in the morning. I love telegraph..

[tape ends]


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