Pilgrimage 7
Mahakalahati 2

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Temple at the burning place in Mahakalahati village

Pranab (as Baba) writes:

"Illusion is the only phenomenon in this cosmos. As an insect acquits itself, at times, from the greatest pot-hole by means of its sound constitution and tough attitude, similarly, a human being can get rid of this illusion if and when the being is tinged by a mind full of devotion and the surrendering attitude to the Feet of the Mother. In that case this type of being sees in every other object his own resemblance, and hence serves the humanity wholeheartedly by the blood of his breast.

The "ego" is disintegrated to the dust. Everywhere the part and parcel of his "ego" is blended with the supernatural. So, the spider, in the wheel of illusion, understands the feelings of such a being, and makes him free (Jivan Mukta) from the bondage of birth."

from Thakur, chapter. 12