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For a time in his life Baba practiced intense tantrik meditation at a burning place in a small village named Mahakalahati. This practice included making the Panchamundi Asan or the "seat of five skulls." The practitioner gathered five specific skulls, including a human skull, buried them, and then sat on that spot for meditation and worship. Recently Baba's devotees have erected this temple on that site.

Pranab (as Baba) writes:

"Death will have no hold over that life which has attained perfection in the sense that the desires will be eliminated while harnessing the work and action throughout the whole span of life. To work is the only right and as regards the effect we have no right to weave any design within our heart.

Thus when the personal is transformed into the Impersonal, then, the liberty to become likewise an onion is established. Here, every petal of work and action being void of any desire will have no scope to undergo any active change and hence each petal of work and action will remain in a passive state, and when the final and the last work of this type of being will be operated will cover up the final passive action which definitely is an Impersonal mass. That means the soul being a part and parcel of the Omnipotent Being, will get blended with It, and the badge of work and action of the "self" will confiscate the scope of having any rebirth."