Pilgrimage 5
The Sacred Tree

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An old tree on the outskirts of Ramanathpur where Baba used to meditate and do sadhana (spiritual practices). Picture was taken in 1986.

Premananda writes:

"Baba told me he used to come and sit inside this tree to do worship and meditation. He pounded on the ground at a spot just near here and recited some Sanskrit and I was told it was the place, in not-so-ancient times, where women performed "sati," or self immolation. He said that at that time it was all jungle, and the roots of this tree formed a complete enclosure with just enough room for a man to sit."

Pranab (as Baba) writes:

"She is the only Mother of the Universe. In Her only lies all the Forces of the cosmos. It is Her sole desire to manifest Her Force in all the living and non-living objects. Her manifold disintegration into endless combinations, both in the sphere of form and formless, shall not confiscate Her wholesome Energy.

Life and Death are but Her two forms. In life if she has disintegrated Her Force in the multifarious typical different forms, then, in the next moment She integrates Her lost Force by giving Death to Her created objects.

Permutation and combination are the only diversities in all spheres of our known and unknown planes. Yet, out of these constant changes She is united by Her Own Eternal Process."

from Thakur, chapter 13