Pilgrimage 4
The Burning Place

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This is the burning place (shoshon) where Baba used to do worship in the night, away from the town of Ramanathpur in lonely surrounding fields. Such places of death are considered auspicious for doing intense spiritual work (sadhana), especially in the tantrik line.

Pranab (as Baba) writes:

"Just before I had left this place for my house on the request of my father I had consumed a span of four long years in the path of deep meditation. The Mother had given me bid to sit for deep meditation in the vicinity of a Burning Ghat (where dead bodies are consigned to the pyre to put an end to the mortal state).

Almost in all cases the Burning Ghats are situated off from the localities. I had to cover the distance in the midnight and especially I used to go only almost during the New Moon nights. Unless otherwise wanted one never goes to this dreadful place; but I had my courses there to be administered only. The Tantra (methods and applications to get within the region of the Absolute) had caught me vigorously in order to manifest its essence from all possible angles, and hence I had no escape from its wings of attraction.

Undaunted by my will I used to sit in that dreadful atmosphere where only silence pervaded to that extent, with this only urge, that may my flesh get wedded to my bones in order to get the Great Mother of the Universe."

from Thakur, chapter 10