Shukdev's Letters to his mentor 6

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Dear Mentor,

It has been said that "Faith will get you God, debating goes on forever." I have been through many changes looking back over this journey, yest I know there are many still to come. I came, not for book knowledge or tourist style interest, but for direct experience of those intangible and fleeting religious waves. I guess if there must be a point to all this - it's that there is no reason for all this world save the return to the source of creation which resides undisturbed in all things and yet is not of its things.

The mind of man is not the final step of his evolution, far from it. The spirit surely exists and can be known by various means which are not however cause and effect relationships. I mean meditation does not guarentee knowledge of God -- there's some other ingredient common to all paths which aids in or becomes the actual tranformation. I have become more familiar with the similarities between our most recent prophets and maybe soon will be able to write something about as my own experience and intellectual grasp broadens. But, my desire is to BE, npt have a degree or fame or money or a mountain cottage in the Himalayas.. So I am looking forward to seeing you so we can pick each other's brains over a draft or two.

I am leaving this hot, humid and sticky place in 4 days and will be returning to Albany before or soon after you receive this letter. Put on your thinking cap and tell me what to do because you are my college Guru and I am just a little child calling out to his mother to help me get straight. I wonder if maybe I'm driving you nuts and should drop out so you don't have a nervous breakdown. Wish me a pleasant flight.     j.