Premananda's letters to Nellie 13

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Oct 10, 1989

Ghandi's birthday is today, I believe. I am still doing okay. I am sending some puzzles to magazines today so I will finish up this letter and send it today. Things are still okay. I am staying here with Ken for now. I will do some programming for him. We saw some very nice graphics programs, and Ken may buy one. Everything up in the air about that. Anyway, I'm working on my own and meditating as much as possible. I am also trying to cutback my anti-depressant medication. So far, so good, although I do get an increase of morbid thoughts when I cutback, it usually stabilizes in a few days. Who cares? ("I disapprove of the entire Universe!")

It is hot here. I have not been over to RK Center yet, but I think I will go today. I tend to be a total hermit if nothing moves me otherwise. How did you like it in Seattle? Mike D'Angelo came to visit after you left, and we had a good visit.

Well, I must get going. I just wanted to be sure you had this address here and that we would stay in touch this time around. All in all, this coming this year is a whole lot better than the terrible time last year. I guess it is a case of the anti-depressant pills and Maharaj both working together! More later,