Premananda's letters to Nellie 10

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May 4, 1978
Ananda Ashram
District Hooghly, West Bengal


Dear Nellie,

Got your letter of 27th yesterday and relayed the contents to Baba. It was so good to hear from you and that you saw Krishnamurti and Jeff. Baba continues to be well. I applied for my visa extension and on last Sunday no less than the Department of Police for the whole Hooghly District showed up to check me out. Baba was very pleased at this since the S.P. turns out to be quite a gentleman and a good person. Baba went into bhav showing him around and, when they left, I think they were quite impressed. But I am quite confused now as to what to do.

Baba said he wanted to have a temple in America on the East Bank of the Hudson and that I should go ahead of him to try to make arrangements. Collect money, etc. So I don’t know how long to stay or what. On Monday, Baba went into samadhi thinking of his guru. It was the first time in these three months. He has been low. I shall, perhaps, stay another couple weeks and then go try to make arrangements. First, I have to make sure Pranab can come—he has to get his passport. It is all the usual insane Indian way of doing things. Everything casual to the point of incompetence and then last-minute panic. Very frustrating to try to make a plan around Baba.

The heat has become fierce. Sweat all day and no fan, no relief. I hope Baba can take it. The electric line was to have come this year but only the posts are up so far. The electric fan would be such a comfort for him. He suffers from the heat but will, of course, not leave the place. He has spoken of wanting a bamboo hut built in the yard next to doctor’s house. He would stay there now and then, and it would be ideal should he get ill again. The doctor could keep a close watch on him there.

But no one here will move on his behalf without either a stick or a carrot. As much as I love India, the people seem dense at times. Anyway—a lot of work to do and the sun burning down like fire. I will let you know what happens. As Baba gets old, now it frustrates me deeply there are so few who will really look after him properly. They come to remove their troubles, but they will not remove his. Well, send us a prayer—