Premananda to Yogananda 2

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to the "hotel " room. Master was lit up like a light bulb. I wept and wept with joy to think that we were "home" in Calcutta, and to behold the exceptionally extraordinary beauty of the Master. He was glowing with crystal yellow/transparency and very alive.

Calcutta is incredible. I like it somehow. The feeling is mellow - I guess from having two incarnations live hereabouts. I’ll try to make my "contact" today and see what happens. I passed through Dakshineswar on the train coming in but didn’t see the temple. India is slowly getting hold of me. She seeps in gently day by day.

Things are very expensive. It looks as though I won’t be able to stay the full three months unless the devotees put me up or something. I just can’t haggle over rupees this time and I can’t ignore the beggar children either so I have several "holes" in my wallet. Anyhow, Mother is taking care. I’ll send you an address if I get one.

Love, Bill