More letters from India 21
by Premananda

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March 11, 1991

Dear Arjuna again,

Another letter. Here at Howrah, Molina’s son is having some business problems. He is only 21 and trying to run this small business, and his uncle, Molina’s younger brother, one of twins, does not seem to be functioning correctly. I learned a new word when Bibhu (the son) said it was {Bengali writing} (Shong-kot) n. crucial danger, crux, great difficulty, (shong-kot-kal = "hard times"). I was telling it would be good if Arjuna made a visit; he could look at it all and really give some good advice. I finally, by chance, got a copy of the Calcutta yellow pages. It was a real eye-opener. Need a computer here very badly, too. Bibhu and I will go looking at some. The older son, Boppi Muni, wants to learn programming. There is a lot in the yellow pages I did not know, like places to rent video equipment and a couple of places that do laser printing. There is an ad in the Indian Magazine PC Quest called "Sonata" D.T. Pub. Programs, supporting both HP and Postscript, offering multiple typefaces in all Indian languages. It lists for RS 6000. I want to go look at it at their offices or store or whatever it is. I brought the other set of tapes, so now all Baba tapes are here. I must try to figure out how to get permanent residential permit here within two months. I may need some help, like a letter or letters. Molina is telling, too, all the time to my distress and exasperation and despair, if only I had had any kind of room there in America she would gladly have stayed and never looked back, and I have wept over it. She never gets any rest here. She is always doing labor from morning to night and nothing anyone says does anything. She just does it anyway. So I have been dreaming again that we had something, anything, that was really ours. It would be good if you could come and visit the two new clubhouses, and look around, and think what we should do. Today I go back to ashram. I am used to the fan now, the life-saving "PAKA," so it will be not, but I am longing to see Babi again, and Joya Ma. Maybe we should make some little business here so we could have a computer and printer and then we might get business visas when we come. The visa could say "Let Him Do Anything."

and love from M.