More letters from India 19
by Premananda

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March 23, 1990

Dear Arjuna,

Wondering how you are doing. Heat has suddenly struck with ferocity. Last night trying to sleep in pool of sweat. I noticed that there was one of those giant spiders inside my mosquito net! (Besides the several mosquitoes I already knew had gotten in.) It was after 2 a.m. I shook everything out and shooed away the spider. By then the dog started to wail nearby for at least an hour. Finally, at 3 a.m., I got up and took a bath, then went back to bed. I realized that the warm season had come.

Today we sat down with Mr. Pal to tape some memories of Baba. Mr. Muncie asked questions. I have no idea how it went, but we taped an hour. I have only some Indian blank cassettes. They are not very good. A good machine is needed for this. Decent lapel mikes would help, too. Today or tomorrow I shall try to tape Buri Ma and Noyeu. The heat is going to make everything difficult, but a lot has been started. Last night we had a discussion among some devotees here about recording stories, especially of old people, and of transcribing Baba’s words. Some are stating to see the need, or the beauty of it. Without Mr. Muncie, nothing would be happening. While Mr. Pal was talking, and I watching his face, I was very aware that the best medium would be videotape. The facial expressions give so much to the tale. Anyway, as much as can be done will be done. You were quite right in that if one wanted to get the Baba tapes transcribed quickly, one would come here with some CASH and HIRE people. I will put this plan to Rabi on Sunday. Anyway, so these two works, transcribing and taping, have pushed writing aside for now. Mainly, I am trying to get something started that they will carry on when I leave, however little or large. They have machines available. They can do it themselves. They just need inspiration, a push, and a little technical training/advice, like being ACCURATE in transcribing Baba’s tapes. They always want to "fix" it up, or leave out words, or sneak in their own "clarification." I finally got a reply from Vimala. She said, "I am glad that you are back in your Land of Love. One should live where Love dances in one’s life. The flow of Love in every movement is the fulfillment of human life. Baba awakened that Love in your heart." She invited me to Dalhousie where she will arrive on the 9th of April. At first I wept because I thought I can’t go, there is work here, not enough time, etc. Then, suddenly, all that dropped away, and I thought I must so if I can. It depends on Baba’s and Mother’s grace. Muncie will take me Monday to try to get a ticket. I could only stay there four days or five, but that is okay. It would be cool there for one thing. I have also always put being with enlightened ones above all. Why {can’t read words}. Anyway, I have learned this: three months is no longer long enough to do what I have to do here when I come. It needs to be longer and start in October. There is this other inner thing Baba is doing. I cannot talk about it much, but he uses me sometimes, and I am glad. I can’t remember America anymore. The only thing I miss is making puzzle games on the computer. Soon even that would be possible here! Have you made any progress on the neural net crossword thing? Are you bankrupt? How is the Yoni/Lingam Karbar? Buri Ma is okay but not great. Now, after her stroke, she is having heart pains. Joya is well, working a lot, sometimes sad, sometimes happy. Now the heat has come, the ashram will mainly be empty. Just now I am waiting for food. Then I will lie down and sweat for a while in the restless drowse that passes for sleep in this frightening Bengali spring.