More letters from India 16
by Premananda

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March 29, 1978

Dear George and Glenn,

Haven’t felt like writing lately, nor do I much now. But here’s a few words and a song. There’s a lot going on inside lately which I don’t want to spoil by blathering about. Baba much better now. Truly the much disguised Son of God. It seems he may not come till July after all, that is, after Guru Purnima. But it is not certain. Nor is it certain anymore who will come with him. Baba had given Pranab dibs on it long before even ’76, which I didn’t know. Meanwhile, I’m getting all bent out of shape with my visa ending, but am resolved to go the whole nightmare again without fear and with faith. Jeff and Mark returned, and with Baba in better shape, are getting "the treatment." After a period of weakness, illness and inner difficulty, my heart is melting again. I have my wisdom tooth to be pulled on Friday. I think the tooth made me ill. Glenn, I didn’t bother Baba yet with your lust topic. I have translated a general message for all disciples which I will be sending soon. Rest assured Baba knows everything. Call on him in all states. Don’t wait to be pure to call for purity. More later on all this—

Here’s a translation of a song Rabi sang which Baba likes very much. Why don’t you two make up a nice tune? That will keep you out of trouble. The Bengali is on page ____ of Prartana and Shangit if you can find that in my stuff—"Tumi Nirmala Kore Mangolakoro"



Make blessed, make me pure,
Wipe the dirt out from my core,
Let your grace remove my sins
Oh Great Mother Kali.
Without a single aim,
but with thousands of desires
I am ever made to run
{words cutoff bottom of page}
Prabhu! Slayer of all danger!
Don’t let me go that way.
So I gather up the dust
from the bottom of your feet.
Please now gather up these
maddening desires.
Here I sit with eyes closed
weeping in great darkness

Not a thing do I see,
Nor do I understand.
Oh Mother, give me sight
and understanding. (2x)

Rajanikanta Sen

Pretty neat, naki (not so) ? I figured you might get inspired for this one.

Well, things are kind of in limbo as far as news right now. Maybe Baba will come early, maybe as late as July 1, even still he says, "Well, let’s see if I live that long." He denies ever saying he knew the date of his death. I think all will be OK. I’m definitely seeing it is all up to G-O-D.

All love to all. I’ll do another chitti marathon soon when I can see more—l

love, bill