More letters from India 14
by Premananda

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February 27, 1978

Dear George and Glenn,

Sorry to be so late in writing, but you know it has been hectic here with Baba being so ill and then the festival. Baba is much better now and is talking of going to America. Mark and Jeff have gone South. I think being here was a bit of a strain for them after a while, on the ego/desire nature anyway. Same old story. I got tired of hearing complaints. They’ll have a good time and feel freer on their own. I’ll go with Baba to Orissa after Sivaratri. He can get some peace and quiet there—that is really remote. I am feeling great here. My rehabilitation was instantaneous. It was just a bad case of guru-itis after all. I feel totally cleaned out inside and sadhana and meditation are going on. I am already seeing the day I will stay here for a few years. Not this trip since Baba is coming to U.S., but someday. I want to go to Kamarpukar and Jayrambati soon. Baba is still somewhat weakened by this latest heart failure. But he is getting stronger and says God sent me to make him well. He definitely wants to come back so I hope you guys will all get together and be a team. I want you to spread the word and contact people about his expected coming. You can take contributions if they are offered and put them in that double account. Get a money book and give a receipt of anyone who gives any money. Keep a good record. Let Pradeep be in charge of all that since he knows about it. You must have a record of all money received and from whom. In case Baba could not come, the money could be returned. There is no need to be hush this time around, and we’ll need a lot of money to make sure all goes well. Don’t be idle about this; get in touch with everyone. I’m hoping Baba can come by early June. I’ll be starting visa work soon. I’ll also try to get my extension for 60 days. I don’t know if I can be {wording cut off page} Air France to London and you could come, but you might also want to save your money and time. The best plan is to have an Indian come if we can afford it, and I can still try to get the plane in London. But we’ll work on that later. Right now: 1) letter campaign, 2) contact people and create expectations, 3) collect money or at least get a good idea of how much we’ll have to start with. The problem of finding a place for future ashram and for Baba to be out of the city will work on later. As Athena said, "Something will work out." We need to get the money together so tickets can be bought at that end when the time comes (I’ll send you a date) and get the sponsorship papers here. I’ve written to Tom and Bill Wilson about that and will inquire at Embassy tomorrow. Get together, work together. Kill ego, serve guru and through guru all beings. Start a joint yoga class if you can to find interested people.



P.S. Send me mini-Baba’s and Pinaki’s picture.