Baba to Binodini 2

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June 20, 1979

OM - MA- MA - OM

Dear Daughter,

Received your letter in time and got pleasure to go through it. Man is guided by his instinct and the consequences he gets in life do not end here but continue to prolong in the next life also. The longings of his life remain to continue in the next life... Of course it may increase or decrease according to his activities. This is true in almost all cases. But there is an exception. The coal is black. One cannot make it white if one tries to wash it. But whenever it is thrown into the furnace, it becomes red first and ultimately it turns into ashes and becomes white. Similarly every person becomes purified by way of his repentance and his sacred activities. The darkness of the mind, all the sins and vices wash out in the flame of his earnest cry for the Absolute. Always thik of your higher Self, not your lower. Matter is your servant, you are not the servant of matter.

Guru is the highest manifestation of God through man. One cannot see God except through Guru. So to have full faith in the teaching of Guru and the most sincere longings for the grace and bliss of God is the real way of life. Blessings to you and all my devotees.

Yours, Baba.