Baba's letters to Brahmamayi 8

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This letter was written a mere seven months before Baba's maha samadhi on June 9th, 1982 at the ashram. See also the last letter to Binodini written at about the same time.

Baba writes:

OM - MA - OM

Ramanathpur Ananda Ashram
November 10th, 1981


I have already sent a letter to you. Perhaps you have received it. Again I am writing this letter because I am very eager to see you and Kanta Devi. I have become old. Moreover I am ill. I saw you long years ago. Now I want to see you again. So it is possible for you, both of you will come here one day. Weather is fine now.

You will follow my advice that you will always try to absorb your mind in Divine thought. But you must do your daily duties. Awaiting a early reply.

Hope you are well by the grace of God.

Blessings to you