Baba's letters to Brahmamayi 7

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Baba writes:


Ananda Ashram
The 5th November, 1981

Dear daughter,

Received your letter it time. Now I am in good health and spirit. But I feel myself weak physically. I am still under the treatment of Dr. Siddheswar Mukherjee. I am following his advice regularly.

You know that life is not a bed of roses. So there is ups and downs and the common people is moved by the waves in the ocean of life. They want relief but they cann't [sic] get it. The only way for them is to devote themselves to His lotus feet. He is only the Saviour of mankind. You will always try to absorb your mind in the thought of Divine Guru. Have full faith on Him and concentrate your mind to 'Angachakra' [sic] - the central point of your forehead in meditation. He will show you the way and you will be able to overcome all difficulties and get peace in mind. Every human soul is the abode of God. To realize this is the greatest purpose of human life. Deep meditation of Divine thoughts helps to realize. You will follow my advice. You will try to practice regularly to concentrate your mind to your "Angachakra" [sic] and control your breathing at the time of Meditation. You will take breath through your left nostril and pass your breath through your right nostril and try to feel that an invisible Almighty power is moving onward and downward with this breathing in cyclic order. This is an universal truth. this is going on in every human body unconsciously.

At first you take breath through left-nostril and pass your breath through right one. Next you take breath through right nostril and pass it through left one. This will be done cyclically in the time of meditation. You will practice this regularly and this will be helpful to your advancement to the Divine Goal. You should know that an invisible Divine energy is flowing from "Kulakundalini" to "Angachakra" with every breath. The Human spirit and Divine Spirit becomes one and all when you take your breath. The next moment you pass your breath the Divine Spirit turns into human spirit. In a word: man attains the supernatural form and becomes Siva. The next moment he is being transformed to human creature. This surprising play is going on and on for ever.

Hope that you are well by the grace of God.

Blessing to you,
Yours Baba