Baba's letters to Brahmamayi 6

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Baba writes a condolence letter after the passing of Brahmamayi's brother
Baba writes:


29th Oct '80

Dear Hart,

I am glad to know that you have taken the death of your belove brother as a normal thing. There is no difference between life and death because the soul, the Atma, cannot die. It is there within you, around you and everywhere. It is the fraction the 'Great energy' the sakti which cannot be destroyed. It has again join [?] to enrich the great sakti with its world experience and it will rest in place in the lap of its Mother.

The soul of your brother in now resting in peace.

Nellie I also widh you and your sister Emily go back to Hawaii to join your family there. Have cordial devotion to the almighty MA. She will lead you to the right path, the path to the eternal joy.