Baba's letters to Brahmamayi 5

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This letter was written after Baba's first visit to America
Baba writes:

April 22nd, 77

Dear Mother,

Received your letter and glad to go through it. The contents of your letter are very sweet and beautiful. Brahma, that Divine One is beyond our vision. He is beyond our description. Though He lives in our soul, He is beyond our knowledge. The person Who is pure in heart and to whom all the earthly things seem to small and the same is blessed to realise Him and gets divine pleasures. As the lion's milk cannot be kept in any pot except in the golden once, so be the pure and blessed heart.

The whole world seems to the evil person dark and dirty. To realise the presence of that Divine (Brahma) One in all earthly things is the ideal and goal of human life. Our worries and anxieties comes from our ignorance. This ignorance is the other name of multiples of wrong ideas in our mind.

These wrong ideas, these wrong feelings to make a difference between a man and a woman, between a husband and a wife, between the young and the old disappear gradually from mind with the blessing of sat guru and with solemn meditation. This blessing leads our mind to the thoughts of that sublime Divine One. We feel ourselves confined because of our confined ideas of life.

The moment we can throw out the idea of worldly 'Myself' from our mind, form our self, we will be free and immune from all bonds of a worldly life and we can realise our soul which is eternal and infinite.

Mother, your knowledge has been enriched with the light of sublime thought (Maha bhaba). This is nothing but the bliss of our 'Divine Mother'.

After the stage of mind you have achieved, there is another stage where body and mind and wisdom totally come to an end; the Divine One is realised in the inner self. This stage is called samadhi : When you will reach that stage , you will be turned into a child and feel yourself in the Divine lap of Divine Mother. The stage can be achieved only with the blessings of Guru. Those persons who are pure and blessed in heart from birth can achieve that stage with the blessings of Sat-Guru. Guru is God. He guides us towards the eternal and Divine World.

To realise Guru in divine forms is difficult for all. A very few persons can realise Him in His true form. He is blessing us in various ways all the times. [sic]

Mother, the tube well of Ashrama has been reconstructed and many thirsty person are quenching their thirst with the sweet water and getting themselves satisfied.

His bliss is being showered on us in the way of the blessed water.

Blessings to you on the occasion of Bengali New Year.


[ includes little drawing of a triangle made of three 'OM' s on each side ]

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