Baba's letters to Brahmamayi 4

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This is a letter from India postmarked Jan. 1981
Baba writes:

Dear Mother,

Glad to receive your letter. On this auspicious day of 25th December we have celebrated the birthday ceremony of Jesus Christ, Saviour of Mankind. Your inner feelings for that Eternal One, your live for Him is very pleasant to me as I go through your letter. By the grace of God may your love for God increase day by day.

You said that your heart speaks to my heart off and on. Yes, Mother, it is only possible in the spiritual world and it requires no earthly communication. Though you live in America, a great distant place, yet you live in my heart. You are very near to me. That is the affinity between two souls.

You have asked about "Mahamudra". It is rather union of self with that Eternal One. When you will realise in the very core of your heart that there is no difference between my self and your Self you will be able to feel the existence of that Divine

One in every animate and inanimate object of the world as well as in all other things of whole universe. Nothing exists beyond "Mahamudra". The stage of your mind would help you to realise this sublime idea. I bless you this, Mother.

I wish all of you a happy new year. Hope you are in good health.

Blessings to you,