Baba's letters to Brahmamayi 2

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This was an undated letter, typed on a typewriter

Baba writes:

My beloved son and daughters : Brahmamoyee, Premamoyee, Jnanamoyee and Bhabananda - my loving disciples.

May I convey my heartiest blessings and sincere good wishes to you all on the occasion of the Bengal New Year's Day (1st Baisakh : 14th April, 1973). How I wish I were with you in the auspicious hours of the Easter to feel the agonising glories of our Crucified Father and to pray to the Lord Almighty for your spiritual well-being and earthly peace.

Hope you are steadily getting through the splendour of ethical conscience to identify yourselves with the Absolute Being. Your spiritual progress may for the time being be hindered for the snares of worldly illusions and ties of ignorance with which the material prosperity of the modern age is associated.

But bear in mind, my loving children, that your golden days are just ahead when after a spell of sensualism, the indomitable desire for earthly enjoyment of the American people will ultimately wane and they will be able to attain emancipation through self-realisation with more ease than those of any other Western country.

Remember, you need not bother much for searching God without caring anything to serve the humanity. So says Swami Vivekananda, the great disciple of Sri Ramakrishna (the divinity incarnate) :

I do not run after wealth, which you have offered to me in abundance. I have strength of mind and peace at heart as I have no riches to lose. Except my love and blessings, I have nothing to give you and so I am sending my message which is as follows:

1. Whether in a crowd or in the woods and desertion, work faithfully and meditate in silent exertion.

2. The quality of a mind is known by its egotism and consciousness.

3. You cannot get peace either in the bondage of life or in renunciation or death unless you can discard the idea that you are the sole agent who does and meditates for Himself.

4. Accept this divine truth that the essence of one in many lies in the unity of the world and universe.

5. The all-pervading supreme Being (Parama Brahma) dispels every darkness like the only sun in the universe.

6. Self-conceit is a sin that can define one's mind.

7. I count for those who stand for me. I love those who love me. This mutual communion is generated by the essence of one in many.

8. Do what you want to meditate in a tranquil state of mind like a Yogini/Yogi.

9. My ego is a curse and my purse as well. Your ego is felt in a danger and wealth.

10. Your devotion comes to perfection when you lose your ego in constant meditation.

11. I constantly long for love and mercy to identify myself with the Absolute being.

Well, let me conclude at present. I am not physically fit. Srinivas, Chandran and Jiten might have written to you about the Ashram. So, once again with my heartiest love and blessings to you all.

Lovingly yours,
Father Prahlad Chandra Brahmachari


"OM TAT SAT" [ in Bengali ]