Baba to Premananda 4

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Vill.: Ramanathpur
P.O. : Kumirmora
Dist.: Hooghly.

22nd April, 1974

Dear Premananda,

Have received your two letters in time. You have learnt Bengali and written Bengali for Jiten's try is very good. Preceptor and Guru are same. And almighty God's grace comes through Guru. Guru i.e. preceptor is God's representative as Jesus was God's son and representative. Jesus said, unless you are born again you can not enter into Kingdom of God. Here born means shelter of real Guru. Under the guidance of Guru you should go to the road of goal. That is you feel God's grace if you are honest and transparent. The grace of God will fall upon you.

An honest man is the noblest work of God. So with proper Sadhana, guided by Guru you will be transparent and honest. God is an infinite circle whose centre is every where and circumference no where. If you are transparent you can receive His centre and will feel his grace.

If you can love God sincerely yo u will reach the goal. Love does not go in vain. Proceed on with your Sadhana and you will be successful. I am not in good health now. Very much sorry to hear that thieves have taken away your fils. In Ananda Ashram all are well. Love to your mother and father. Hoping your are in good health and mind.

Yours beloved "BABA"

(note at bottom in Bengali:)

Bhagavan Anandamayi tomake ananda dan korun.
(May Bagavan Anandamayi give you Ananda)