Baba's letters to Brahmamayi 1

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Baba writes:

Received your letter in time. But I am bit late to reply to you. Our capacity to judge is very limited. Because we are confined with illusions and aimless thoughts.

Only He knows the inner significance of every deed which is being done by the destined person. It is His ordain and we have no power to ascertain His eternal play. He is the King of all Kings and rules over His own Kingdom -- this vast universe according to sweet will.

Sun is so bright and dazzling for its power and light and no other light is required to ascertain it in the sky. Sun is crystal clear to us for its own light. However all the following valuable teachings should be remembered for your advancement in your own path. These are some stages of upliftment of mind.

Human mind is sometimes concentrated in a stage when there is upward trend of mind. It rises to naval (called Manipur Chakra) in the first stage. There are some other chakras below this stage. There (Manipur) Human Beings concentrate to work (karmas). Again when the mind advances more and more and reaches a stage - Heart, (Anahata Chakra) the heart leaps up with joy and the mind is immediately absorbed in the thoughts of true knowledge and wisdom. The realm of divine wisdom is step by step opened to the human being at that stage.

Again when mind advances more it reaches another stage (called Bisudhha Chakra). At that time mind is absorbed in the pure eternal thoughts and meditation of the Divine One. (+ yoga). And when mind crossed over that stage and proceeds on and on and reaches other stage - (Angachakra) - [sic] it is at once overflowed with the flow of eternal love and joy (Prem).

Last by when mind penetrates Angachakra and rises to the ultimate stage (sahasrar Padma), the mind is completely dissolved with eternal soul and unifies itself with the Divine One - that stage is called Brahma lok. These are the summons [?] which you should realize and follow. I am so so.

Love and Blessings to you. Yours